Saturday, July 26, 2008

Macks Inn

I apologize ahead of time for this long "journal" entry.

We had another fun weekend. Some of my moms family was planning to go up to Macks Inn in Yellowstone and Owen happened to have those days off so we, decided to join in on the fun. It was just a quick but surely an eventful trip. I haven't been to Yellowstone since I was little and Owen had never been so we thought, why not. We visited Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.


My Mom, Justin, and Tyler (my Dad couldn't go--we sure missed him) came to Cedar and we started our trip leaving Cedar City at about 10:00pm after Owen got off work. We were planning to stay the night in SLC but we decided we weren't that tired so we trecked onward. We made it to Shelley Idaho where my grandparents on my dad's side live. We got there at 4:30 in the morning and invaded their living room and crashed there for the night. It was nice to visit with them in the morning and also have a great breakfast as usual!


We left Sunday morning from Shelley and continued our long drive up to Yellowstone. We were able to make it just in time to meet the rest of the family there for the 1:20 Old Faithful Showing. Old Faithful is still faithful--no worries there. We then drove through Yellowstone some more and stopped and visited some Hot Spots. They were beautiful! I couldn't believe how clear and perfect the water was. It took all of Owen's willpower not to jump in them. We did notice (you will see in the photos) if you touched the water it would give you a little shock. Just like when you rub your feet on the carpet. It was pretty crazy and we all became obsessed with doing it. We then went and checked in at Macks Inn and played a good round of cards.


We started the day off early and went and rented 2 fishing boats, 1 canoe, and 1 raft. They drove us up the river and then dropped us off where we started our 5 mile float. The boys fished while the teenagers headed down in the canoe and the women relaxed floating down the river. It was so beautiful! There was trees and wild flowers and the river--it just doesn't get much better than that. At the beginning of the river there was some pretty shallow spots and we (the girlies) were the first to be seen stuck. All the boys started laughing at us saying we were too fat. Well it wasn't too long before we looked back and every single one of them had to get out of the boat. We had our laugh at them. At the end of the day everyone on the fishing boats had caught a fish, my grandpa catching the four biggest, and Owen catching the very last one out of everyone. But he still caught one for the record. When we got back to Macks Inn we rented a paddle boat and had fun time on that. If we went to far out in the current then the current would just take us on down so we had to stay pretty close to the side of the river. We also saw a moose just walking down the river, that was pretty neat. We closed the night with the kids on the dock catching dozens of fish and a good dinner in West Yellowstone and of course another good game of cards.


We got a later start but all the boys went over to Henry's Lake and rented two powered fishing boats and started fishing. The luck wasn't so good today. After five hours on the lake they never caught one fish so that was a little disappointing but they had fun I think. The ladies and the kids drove up to the top of the river where we fed the fish. We tried to feed the fish but the seagulls kind of stole everything. We had about five fish jump up and get some but we finally gave up and fed the seagulls. We then went and met the boys at Henry's Lake and had our packed lunches and after that we journeyed back to Southern Utah. We had a very long trip home but we had an Office marathon, watching episodes the whole way down. Owen had to work a grave so we got home by 11:00pm and Owen was off to work.

So that was our trip to Macks Inn. We had a really good time. My grandparents used to take all their kids up there almost every year when they were younger. I would like to share the infamous story of my dad and my grandpa at Macks Inn. When my mom and dad were dating they went up there with my moms family fishing at Macks Inn. My dad was trying to win things over with the soon to be in-laws but it didn't go so good for him. My Grandpa was standing up in one of the fishing boats, about half way down the river and they were docked on the side fishing when the boat started to drift off. I guess my dad didn't realize how much strength he had because he jerked the boat and my Grandpa when flying off. He went completely under water and started the gasping thing when you fall into cold water. When he finally got his breath he said "Rose, I want to go home right now!!". He was no happy camper and I am sure my dad was absolutely horrified. But in the end my grandpa forgave him I guess because he did still marry my mom. It sure makes for a good story now!!


Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I've always wanted to go to Yellowstone, but haven't made it there yet. I bet Owen was WAY excited to head to work as soon as you guys got back.:(

Ashley & Matt said...

Love the Picture Trail!! I am so excited when I get blogging again I am totally copying. The pictures are all so cute. I am glad my two family trips collided for a minute but I really wish we were with you guys the entire time :(