Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Time

Owen and I have had a good couple of weekends. Last weekend we went over to Orderville on Saturday to go to Tyler's High School play, Suessical the Musical. It was a good play and brought back so many memories of reading the Dr. Suess books as a kid. One of my favorite memories is of my Grandpa Gary reading us "Horton Hatches the Egg" and How the Grinch Stole Christmas" every year on Christmas Eve.

Tyler was Horton the elephant and then the people in yellow are all the Who's in Whoville.

Court and I supporting our bro's at the play and Grams and Gramps Idaho
We then had my family over for Sunday dinner and we were privileged to also have my Grandma and Grandpa Idaho (my dad's mom and step dad) spend the night with us. Ever since I was little we have always called my Grandma "Grandma Idaho" because that is where she lived. I guess it was easier for us to determine which Grandma was which??? I always tell my parents that when I have kids she and my dad will be known as Grandma and Grandpa Zion. We had a great dinner and afterwards played board games and had a Dance Dance Revolution competition --which between Tyler, Owen and I can get pretty intense. It was a fun night!

The weekend before we also had an eventful Sunday afternoon. We decided to have all of the Hoyt family over for dinner. I was nervous about cooking dinner for that many people but we had a great time! I cooked Cafe Rio food and it was just delicious. The whole family was at our house minus Nick and Gerry it was fun to have everyone here! We also ended this night with the competition of Dance Dance Revolution. Thank you to both our families to coming to our little house, we love spending time with you all!

Monday, November 3, 2008


We indeed had a Happy Halloween. We decided to go to Orderville after Owen got off work on Friday. We dressed up in our pirate attire and had a lot of fun going trick-or-treating with the Hoyt family. The pirate family...we lost Kosmo's hat which I am so mad about!
Up at Grandma and Grandpa Greats
Kinley, Jill, and Cayson
Trying to be serious...or just weird I guess
Marvin and Owen decided to get in gorilla suits and go up to the high school dance. We had a pretty good laugh at them, and they had a fun time going to people's houses and trying to scare them. I don't know if these boys will ever grow up!