Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

I went to the pumpkin patch this year with the preschool and I picked some pumpkins for Owen and me. They were only $1.00 so I thought they were a steal of a deal. I decided the only way I was going to get Owen to actually carve pumpkins with me was to: A)Make it sound really really fun B)Make it a competition C)Be really nice and cook him dinner before hand and if all else fails...D)Just throw a fit--cuz it usually works.

So I eventually got my way and we had a fun night cooking dinner, watching Monday night football, carving pumpkins, and eating a pumpkin roll desert. I will post a few pictures of our carved pumpkins. I always thought Owen had more patience than me but after this event I realize that I win with this type of patience. I think my pumpkin definitely wins the competition but Owen of course would never man up to that idea.

Hilly's visit

My cousin Hilary who recently got home from her mission came down this last weekend for a visit. Something I really needed! I had so much fun having girl time with her. We went to Walmart to get something so simple I don't even remember what it was and we ended up in the Halloween area. We started brainstorming on what we could be for Halloween. Long story short we ended up at the DI trying on our costume ideas 2 hours later! I wish I had a copy of all the other fun pictures we took but this will do for now. (We decided on Pirates if you can't tell)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy almost Halloween

Well Halloween is almost my favorite holiday! (Christmas probably wins)
What I love about Halloween...
The decor
Picking and Carving Pumpkins
Pumpkin Seeds
The streets full of leaves in Cedar City
Trick or Treating (sucks being too old to go!)
Scary movies-I really don't like them its just kind of like an alcoholic and they really don't want to drink but they just have to. Make Sense?
Haunted houses
All the pumpkin treats (pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread and cookies) MMM!
So many things I love about Halloween! Owen has to work Halloween night which really stinks because talk about boring for me on my almost favorite holiday. I might be driving over to Orderville to at least be with some nieces and nephews. I bought these masks for both mine and Owen's brothers that are both serving missions. I wanted them to have a little Halloween fun and Owen and I were testing them out and scareing our dog. I got a pirate costume for him. I know I am a freak but again...we don't have kids yet.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tell me he isn't a cute dog!

-k- I know he is no child...we have not been blessed with children yet so yes I think I can spend a little money on my dog. If you would have told me a year ago I would be buying a sweater for my dog, I would have laughed in your face. But now I have a dog and I admit I have justified why a sweater for a dog can be good. 1. Dogs get cold too 2. It helps with shedding! 3. Its cheap 4. Its cute and I like it. I know some of you are rolling your eyes but oh well. I think Kosmo is pretty cute in his sweater.

Kosmo and his new Tiger toy. He was scared of it for about 5 seconds before he had it destroyed into a million chewed up pieces.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mission Reunion

Owen (Hall of famer missionary--words of Pres.) and Pres. Webb

This last weekend we went up to SLC and we were able to visit lots of family and friends. We headed up on Friday afternoon and we went to Owen's mission reunion. He loved every minute of it!! He had a blast reminiscing with all his mission buddies! I had fun to, just a listening away and finally putting faces with names. I did tell Owen before we got there that I didn't want any mentioning of how soon we got engaged and his six week plan he used on me, etc. Well it wasn't long before he was telling his mission President and then the mission President was having us come up in front of everyone because we have been "married the longest". My gosh I about died! Anyways it was a good time.
Erikson, Hoyt, Woodward, Mann
Don't know first names only last, I guess its a mission thing? :)Hoyt, Wolfert (O's son), Shakespeare (O's grandson), and Smith

Saturday we went to Provo and met up for lunch at Red Robin with some of the mission buddies. We also got to go have ice cream with Courtney! Loved that, always good to talk to my girly friends! We stayed one night at Carson and Kori's house and we loved spending time with our newest nephew Cayson! Such a cutie and getting so big! We also stayed with my aunt Lisa and family. Who just had a baby girl Sophie! A doll of course and Lisa you were way to good to us! We loved seeing everyone and of course wish there was more time to do this.

Sophia Rose