Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you!

Also I just wanted to give a shout out and say thank you to both our familes. Mostly my parents and Owen's parents for taking care of us all the time when we come visit and stay. Thanks for letting us boss you around and run your lives!--I know how happy it makes them feel when their married children come home and act like they own the place! Love you guys and thank you! We both lucked out and got the best parents and in-laws we could have ever asked for!

Our little cookout

We are officially back in Cedar. We moved over everything today and I have always hated moving and surprisingly today, I still hated it! Not to mention it was a very hot day today and for some reason we decided to start loading it all in the car at about 12:00. But, its done now and Owen is at new job and I am trying to organize and put everything away. What Fun!
George (Tyler) I wish I would have gotten better pictures of the facial expressions he was giving me. He was not a happy camper-he just woke up. His expressions would show exactly how I feel right now after moving!
Owen, Grandma Great (Hoyt), and Grandpa Jim

4 of our eight neices and nephews

Last night Owen's family had a little cookout. (Owen built a little area last summer behind his parents house for us to have cookouts.) We like it because we can feel like we are out in the wilderness but at the same time have the house just right there. We had some great dutch oven potatoes which is one of my favorite meals (Thanks to my dad for being an Idaho spud)!! It was great to sit around the campfire and just chit chat with both his family and mine! I am so glad that our families like each other because it makes times like this perfect!
Mady and Kosmo fighting. Brotherly/Sisterly Love or Hate??

Marv and Bartman

Colette and Jill (Owen's sisters)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lake Powell

This last weekend we went to Lake Powell with my family and some of Owen's fam. We had a blast! I love being out on the lake! We have a pretty ghetto boat but its gets us around and we have a fun time!! We had a blast tubing, swimming, and just chillaxing (in the words' of Jacob). GOOD TIMES!

Ju Ju Bean

Cleaning up our camp--Everything was so stickery!

Jill, Gavin, and Jannie riding the tube

Our lovely 1978 boat! It was so funny we are all sitting at our camp and some guy on a wave runner drove by giving us thumbs up and yelled "I love your boat". It was funny!

Owie and Me

Tyler and Jeff Cox

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Fun Day 2008

The Quads enjoying family fun day!

This last Saturday we had Family Fun Day up at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. We did a complimentary lunch, massages, snowcones, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, bounce house--pretty much the whole sha-bang. It was a fun day. We invited a lot of people from the surrounding areas to come enjoy their time up here and let them know we are up here. Jeff and Erica at Family Fun Day!

My mom and me

Abby with her butterfly face and me
This was so funny Carter had his first taste of cotton candy and it took him the whole day to finally warm up to it. (this is me too, I hate the taste of it but I always eat it because it is so intriging). He just wasn't so sure about it. He also got his face painted like spiderman and when he first got it done I looked at him and I said "Oh my gosh Carter, you are going to die" I was meaning he was going to die at how cool he it looked. Well the rest of the day he was so nervous about it being on because he thought that he was going to die. He went up to his mom and pointed to his eyes where it was black and said "mommy I go die right here". It was really funny! Moral of the story, I love being aroung little kids and it was a great day full of fun!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

An eventful week indeed!

Us at the ranch
We have had an eventful week, working of course at the development and Owen did more windows, we went to the Sorenson family reunion at the Owen's families ranch. We had a great time, its always nice spending time with family. Owen and all the boys went to find a rabbit to shoot and well they only saw one and guess who got the shot? Yep you guessed it, Owen. He was pretty stoked! We were just getting ready to go and I went and started the new truck and shut the door and then, the doors locked. So here we were in the dark locked out of the truck while it was running. It was horrible! We finally were able to call Kit to go get a slim jim and come up.

Owen and me with Janni at the ranch
In the mean time Marvin couldn't find his keys to his truck so we were searching all the hills because he thought one of the kids took off with them. Then Marvin had a light come on in his brain and realized that he had put them in the gas tank earlier. Anyways long story short after a long freakin time trying to get in the truck we were finally able to get a wire in the window and push the window button down. It ONLY took us and hour and a half to get in. We were so happy about just letting gas waste like that!!
On Saturday we had the day off so we went and hung out by the pool. My dad and Tyler are selling snowcones and hamburgurs ect out there now so its a fun place to chill. We also almost strangled Kosmo to death at the pool. We tied him up in the Rhino to a bungy cord thinking he wouldn't jump out. Well he did and the bungy cord wasn't long enough so Owen went and ran over there to save him. But he was gasping for air-kinda freaked me out.

Some of the neices and nephews with Owie and Marv
Also, this week Owen finally interviewed for the job in Cedar and we are very happy because we just found out that he got it!! Yipee Skippee!! We will have benefits which is going to be really really nice! But we are also going to have to grow up all the way which means we won't have the freedom that we have enjoyed. We are excited though! Now I need to find a job in Cedar and I am not looking forward to that but its a fact of life I get to deal with. I am excited though, I think it will be good for us.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


On Saturday my mom and I had a gardening party. We spent about 8 hours weeding the gardening, getting it ready for planting and then finally planting the vegetables. It was hard work that both my mom and I are not used since we both spend most of our days in air conditioned offices, but...this is something I enjoy. It is actually one of my favorite things to do! I love gardening and honestly I can't wait until the day I get to have my own garden! And one of my other most favorite things is fresh garden vegetables! I can't wait till we get to enjoy them!