Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lake Powell

This last weekend we went to Lake Powell with my family and some of Owen's fam. We had a blast! I love being out on the lake! We have a pretty ghetto boat but its gets us around and we have a fun time!! We had a blast tubing, swimming, and just chillaxing (in the words' of Jacob). GOOD TIMES!

Ju Ju Bean

Cleaning up our camp--Everything was so stickery!

Jill, Gavin, and Jannie riding the tube

Our lovely 1978 boat! It was so funny we are all sitting at our camp and some guy on a wave runner drove by giving us thumbs up and yelled "I love your boat". It was funny!

Owie and Me

Tyler and Jeff Cox


Ashley & Matt said...

Yay! I am so glad you have a blog. It is so great to keep up in ways I never could before. Fun reading what you guys have been up to lately.

Jana said...

You can kind of see Owen little bootie while he is cleaning up your stickery beach!!! Maybe he is just really defined!
anyway, thanks for letting me crash at your house again! You're the best! Oh and I made a couple CD's.....thanks:)