Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our little cookout

We are officially back in Cedar. We moved over everything today and I have always hated moving and surprisingly today, I still hated it! Not to mention it was a very hot day today and for some reason we decided to start loading it all in the car at about 12:00. But, its done now and Owen is at new job and I am trying to organize and put everything away. What Fun!
George (Tyler) I wish I would have gotten better pictures of the facial expressions he was giving me. He was not a happy camper-he just woke up. His expressions would show exactly how I feel right now after moving!
Owen, Grandma Great (Hoyt), and Grandpa Jim

4 of our eight neices and nephews

Last night Owen's family had a little cookout. (Owen built a little area last summer behind his parents house for us to have cookouts.) We like it because we can feel like we are out in the wilderness but at the same time have the house just right there. We had some great dutch oven potatoes which is one of my favorite meals (Thanks to my dad for being an Idaho spud)!! It was great to sit around the campfire and just chit chat with both his family and mine! I am so glad that our families like each other because it makes times like this perfect!
Mady and Kosmo fighting. Brotherly/Sisterly Love or Hate??

Marv and Bartman

Colette and Jill (Owen's sisters)


The Bonham Family said...

Oh, my heck! Did you fix those pics of Jill and I or what!!!! Hey, my blog address is
luv ya

Jana said...

ya april,
That is so funny there boobs are like triple DDD....ha ha....I want you to photoshop me skinnnyyy in all my pictures...can you do that for me:) Ha ha...Lvoe you