Friday, March 27, 2009

Memorable March

This was the first summer we started "going out" Have we even changed at all?
March is somewhat of a memorable month for Owen and I. This March about 2 weeks ago makes 9 years together. It seems so crazy!! 9 years ago this month was when Owen and I were sitting at the State basketball tournaments in Cedar City, he was in 9th grade I was in 8th, and he pulled the bunny trick on me. He told me a story about how a bunny was lost and he was trasing my fingers saying it was lost this way and this way but when he went this way (holding my hand) he wasn't lost anymore. So cheezy!! I am laughing thinking about how cheezy he was! Anyway we ended up holding hands that day and then we just sorta kept holding hands for the last 9 years (minus the two he was on his mission).

Year 2002 and 2003

Prom 2003

Owens mom always says that some people may not know what they are really getting when they get married but we knew everything! Owen and I were always known in high school for fighting. We fought a lot and honestly we still do but its like a healthy fight. I know it doesn't make sense but that is just how we are. We are both very spoken and well we are good for each other. If either of us had different "more nice" personalities I think we would rip the other to shreds.

This was the night before Owen left on his mission.
Anyways this month is also memorable because we were engaged in March. I think it was the 14th, 2006. Honestly I am not positive on all the dates because I was in such a state of la la land. Owen got home from his mission on the 2nd of March and it was a very stressful time for me. Things just weren't looking on the bright side for us, but they progressed very quickly. After the first few days of Owen being home we worked through our issues and we both knew we were going to get married but we didn't really say when. We soon talked him into going on a cruise with my family. I honestly don't know how it happened but we had looked at rings sometime when we were in St. George before we left for the cruise. My mom was going down to St. George the day before we left to get some last minute things and Owen calls her and asks if she can pick something up for him. She was thinking, flip flops, shorts something like that, but no he asked her to pick up a ring for me.

1 day back from the mission and back at the State Tournie
We went on the cruise, had a great time and on the night where you "meet the captain" he decided was the night. After the formal dinner we went and changed and were going to go to the arcade with my brothers. While we were changing Owen ran down and talked to my parents about it and then we headed to the arcade. All of a sudden my brothers were gone, they just ran off. So Owen and I decided to walk outside on the balcony. We went to the back of the ship and were just talking and all of a sudden I look over at him and he was on his knee. I was in complete shock!! I knew it was coming at some point but seriously not this soon---he was only home for 12 days! I was freaking out and pretty much all I did was scream over and over. Finally he got me to shut up and of course I said yes. We went and found my family and then re-inacted the scene for pictures.
One of our engagement pics.
So, this post is to mark 9 years together. So many years together....and so many to come!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting ready for the Bambino

Well we have been sort of getting ready to bring a baby into our lives.

#1 is we are kicking our dogs outside!! I am so sick of their hair I could scream! I realize during the winter months its not going to be so easy but when its warm outside they are out. The only problem now is that the dumb dogs keep digging out of our fence. Now that they have learned it they do it constently. Owen is in the process of building a rock wall around the whole area so they can't get out. But he has also built them a nice little dog house that is really quite big, has a doggy door, and is insulated. He did a pretty good job. He still needs to paint the sides red and he wants to make a little sign on the front that has their names--such a creative fellow he is.

My cute little doggies. I do still love em' I just want them outside.

#2- I am a physco about baby clothes and have been for quite some time. Well my aunt Pam who had quadruplets was having a garage sale with all her stuff last week so I went down to St. George and well pretty much I went crazy!! I bought tons of clothes. Most are in pretty good condition and I feel like I got a good selection of boys and girls. They were only a dollar a piece so I couldn't pass that up. I got stuff from baby to age 3 so I am stoked, and a little crazy too.
#3- On Tuesday we got rid of my baby. My cute little Corolla. I am still really sad about it and I am going to miss my car so much! I wasn't really ready to say good-bye to it but I did. I told Owen a few months ago that I liked the Ford Edges and that I would consider getting one. Well he just dug right in to that and has been non-stop looking at them. I have been pretty nonchalant about it. He found a really good deal last week and well we went for it. The biggest thing that got me to do it this soon was because we can put the dogs in the very back and they won't be jumping all over the baby and the All Wheel Drive of course.
My baby

The new Edge.

I really do like it its just going to take some getting used to. It's not my sporty little car. It just feels like so much car to me. But I am happy with it. We also got a scooter with our purchase, which is pretty cool. We weren't able to bring it down because it wouldn't fit in the car but we will be getting it. Its just like the one below except ours will be silver. So that's exciting eh.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego???

Where have I been? Its been so long since I blogged I can't believe it! But I do have somewhat of a reason. That reason was because I was trying to keep the fact that WE ARE PREGGERS on the down low. But I know now how well that doesn't work so it's out there. It's been quite the couple of months for us.

To start from the beginning...
Okay, many of you probably know that Owen and I have been trying to get pregnant for sometime now and we were kind of stressing about what we really wanted to do as far as fertility and such. We knew we wanted a baby soon but we didn't know what measures to take quite yet. Anyway to make a long story short the month of January was different for us. It was crazy because I just felt like 'okay it is going to happen this month', there were just so many things that kept falling into place for us. Personally I set my spiritual goals higher and was really trying to do "my part". Kinda crazy thing too was that when I talked to Nick at Christmas (Owen's brother on a mission) he just kept saying, "April you have to get pregnant this month then you can be my countdown for when I get home (as he gets home in Oct.). Just weird things kept happening.
So then the time of the month came (Feb 4th) and Owen was getting all excited and kept saying maybe I was pregnant and such and I just didn't want to get his hopes up because I was trying to not get my own hopes up but I decided to take a pregnancy test and as I was about ready to toss it in the garbage because I just thought it would be another let down I saw the plus sign and about died. But of course I didn't believe it. So I went to Walmart got another one, took it, it was positive decided to tell Owen but still didn't know if I really believed I was pregnant. Then I made Owen buy another test and it was positive. So I called my Dr. and told her the situation but that I really didn't think I was pregnant and she confirmed that I was.
We couldn't keep our mouth shut too long so we decided to tell immediate family and then wait a couple weeks and tell others. When we told my parents I decided to take a family picture for Jacob (my brother on a mission) so we set up the tri-pod and timer and right before it took the picture Owen said, "Hey you guys by the way, April is pregnant" everyone kinda giggled and kept smiling for the camera so I had to really tell them we were serious and my Dad and Justin still didn't believe us but you can see what Tyler and my Mom were thinking. We then wrote a little poem to tell Owen's parents. Jann was flipping out!

Since that time, the news has pretty much trickled out to everyone which made me really stressed out because I was really worried about if I was really pregnant and if I was going to stay that way.
I have been pretty sick, throw up a couple times everyday, feel like crap and so on and so forth but forward we go and hopefully it starts getting better. My Dr. gave me so medication to help but I am too freaked out to take it, I decided I would suffer through the sickness. Yesterday March 17th, we had our first Dr. appointment--which I could not wait for. We heard our little baby's heart beat and then they played around on a really old ultrasound machine with us. It was so crazy to see it moving around in there. We could see its heart beating and his little arms moving around. It was really cute and I was pretty much in shock. There is a picture of our little baby bean. I know you can't really see it but its proof that there is actually a baby in there. (the head is on the right side and if you look really hard you can see its arm sticking up). Anyway so we are super excited!! As of today we are a little over 10 weeks. We will be 11 weeks on Friday! Yahooo!!! Oh and the baby is due the day after Nick (Owen's brother) gets home from his mission. So we are now his countdown. October 9th!