Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting ready for the Bambino

Well we have been sort of getting ready to bring a baby into our lives.

#1 is we are kicking our dogs outside!! I am so sick of their hair I could scream! I realize during the winter months its not going to be so easy but when its warm outside they are out. The only problem now is that the dumb dogs keep digging out of our fence. Now that they have learned it they do it constently. Owen is in the process of building a rock wall around the whole area so they can't get out. But he has also built them a nice little dog house that is really quite big, has a doggy door, and is insulated. He did a pretty good job. He still needs to paint the sides red and he wants to make a little sign on the front that has their names--such a creative fellow he is.

My cute little doggies. I do still love em' I just want them outside.

#2- I am a physco about baby clothes and have been for quite some time. Well my aunt Pam who had quadruplets was having a garage sale with all her stuff last week so I went down to St. George and well pretty much I went crazy!! I bought tons of clothes. Most are in pretty good condition and I feel like I got a good selection of boys and girls. They were only a dollar a piece so I couldn't pass that up. I got stuff from baby to age 3 so I am stoked, and a little crazy too.
#3- On Tuesday we got rid of my baby. My cute little Corolla. I am still really sad about it and I am going to miss my car so much! I wasn't really ready to say good-bye to it but I did. I told Owen a few months ago that I liked the Ford Edges and that I would consider getting one. Well he just dug right in to that and has been non-stop looking at them. I have been pretty nonchalant about it. He found a really good deal last week and well we went for it. The biggest thing that got me to do it this soon was because we can put the dogs in the very back and they won't be jumping all over the baby and the All Wheel Drive of course.
My baby

The new Edge.

I really do like it its just going to take some getting used to. It's not my sporty little car. It just feels like so much car to me. But I am happy with it. We also got a scooter with our purchase, which is pretty cool. We weren't able to bring it down because it wouldn't fit in the car but we will be getting it. Its just like the one below except ours will be silver. So that's exciting eh.


Kori said...

Yeah!! The cat's out of the bag now, now I won't worry about who I can talk to about it and who I can't. I am so thrilled that you are pregnant!!! Tell Owen I love the dog house. It is so cute!!!! He did a great job. I thought you would have a hard time giving up your "TOY" (toyota). I kept asking Carson if you were doing okay with it. He said that you were fine. It's nice to see that you were as attached to your "first" car as I was. It was hard for me to see mine go. I love the New Edge. It looks great. I'm jealous because I would love one. Unfortunately we have no money right now.

LaNe aNd aMaNda said...

The dog house turned out good! So I love the New Edge you got how fun! I'm with you though its hard giving up your car you get SO attached to....way to go on the baby clothes looks like you got a STEAL!

Christine said...

I love your new car!

mccallpark said...

congrats on the baby! We were excited to hear about that! Also congrats on the cars!

Nettie said...

What fantastic news! Very exciting! Cute dogs too. it has been so long! it is wierd that we are all grown up and having families of our own. Where do you live now?