Monday, January 26, 2009

Vi Va Las Vegas!

Owen and I went to Vegas this weekend to celebrate his birthday. We had a great time! It was kind of weird not being with one of our families because it didn't take us FOREVER to do everything. We stayed at the Excalibur, got a good price and then we were upgraded when we got there, so overall we were satisfied with our stay.

The first night we walked up the strip and hit a few casinos we have never been inside and watched the fountains at Belligio--I don't think you can ever see this too many times. We went inside Ceasers Palace and I loved the staircase they have-- the rounded escaladers.
We then went on a whim and decided to buy Jay Leno tickets and go see his comedy show. It was really hilarious and we had a good time.
The next day we took it easy and hung around the hotel, went shopping at the outlet malls, visited M&M & Coca Cola world and went and watched Paul Blart at the movies. After the movie we decided to play Risk and sadly Owen, once again dominated me. I know depressing! I am still really upset about that but I will win next time! Overall we had a great time it was nice to get away but not so nice to come home to a winter-wonderland.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birffday O.T.

Birthday Boy!

Two next biggest losers (mom and Tyler)

The whole group

It was Owen's Birthday yesterday so we must blog about that. My family decided to come over and spend the evening with us so we went bowling and went out to eat. We had a fun time bowling. I mostly had a grrreat time because I think I am on a role with this winning streak. I beat Owen and Tyler both games we played. I'm pretty much never going to let Owen win at anything ever again! :) After bowling we went and ate at Ninja. We had never been there and we have been wanting to try it. It was pretty expensive, but by far the best restaurant in Cedar City for me. And the night ended with singing Happy Birthday to Owen in three different languages (English, Portuguese, and German). It was a fun time indeed. Thanks mom and dad! Instead of getting Owen any presents I decided that we would go on a little trip to Vegas for a weekend. Take a break and have fun time. So we are going to go next weekend and I am super stoked about that!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A defining moment...

I have had a defining moment in my life today! Let me just give you a little bit of background, Owen and I have been playing games ever since we have started dating. We play quite often, all different games between Nintendo to board games to card games. There is only one game that I can win Owen at consistently and that is Speed (the card game), which he has literally refused to play with me for years. I am always saying that one day, one day I will find a game that I win him at. Our biggest competition though has always been Risk. We have spent many nights staying up playing this game. I hate losing more than anything! Really I think I hate losing more than him and I turn into a bit of a physco when I lose but somehow someway I always loose. We played Risk a couple nights ago and I got the closest I ever have gotten to winning him, but of course he won in the end. But tonight, the defining moment was I finally for the first time ever won Owen at Risk! I am a poor winner too because I won't leave him alone about it but it just feels so good after all these years to finally sweep him of the board!! He says it is the first and the last time but I know it is the first of many to go. I am ready for round two but I think he is a little afraid of my rolling technique. Yahoooo!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Stoked About....

1. Newman is finally house trained!! Yay! He hasn't had an accident since Sunday! I thought he was never going to get it, since it only took Kosmo a week and he had it down.
2. My new job--I am working once again for the Ponderosa. I thought I was really going to miss the Preschool and I was so sad to leave but to be honest my first week back (taking calls) was great and I am glad I chose to do this.
3. Our trip to Vegas! We are going to take a fun little jaunt to Vegas for Owen's birthday and I can't wait!
4. I finally wrote down my New Year's Resolution's yesterday and I pretty much passed with flying colors on keeping them--today anyway, tomorrow will be different but today= A+.
5. Getting the Donkey Kong game I ordered from ebay. It's for our Nintendo 64 (that I decided my parent's really didn't need anymore)...can't wait to play, it was one of my all time favorite games.

And Not Stoked About...
1. Owen always has to win the game Risk. I mean seriously I want to punch his lights out because of this. Even when he tries to loose I still can't win. So irritating!
2. Teaching my next Relief Society lesson, its gonna be difficult one. Just read through it and eeeeish!
3. All the laundry I should be folding right now.Bla! I guess I better get to it so we can sleep in our bed tonight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Got Chicken Blood???

...funny story...okay actually disgusting story... yesterday we were in Orderville just leaving to go to Church and we look out the window and there is Max (my parent's dog) running around with a chicken in his mouth with my dogs and the whole neighborhood dogs chasing him. My dad goes out there and the flippin' chicken is still alive so he takes it over to the home where Max decided to steal the chicken from and leaves it on the door step. He said it wasn't really moving much but it was still living...poor chicken. We tie up all the dogs come back from church get home and there on the back porch are like all the freakin' innards of the chicken. (The neighbor dogs must have gotten to it). All gooey and blood everywhere! The sickest thing ever!! Justin decides to clean it up so, takes it to the wood pile and covers it with wood. Duh!!! Don't know why he put it there~~ Newman goes over there eats the damn thing. Comes in the house chewing a piece of bark, I was like hey what are you chewing on and I grab it (not thinking where it came from) throw it in the garbage look at my hand and yes chicken fetchin' blood on my hand!!! I freaked out. In the mean time Newman had barfed up a bunch of blood in the laundry room and was in licking it up. It was eventful indeed. And probably one of the sickest things I have seen. The joys of having dogs...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Neeleman Family Christmas Party

After Christmas we went to SLC and spent some time with family. We were pampered by Kori and Carson, went to the Neeleman family party, went to the movies, and welp had a great time.

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. It was our third Christmas together since being married. It's crazy how time flies!! Technically this was our year to have Christmas at the Hoyt's but since our parents live four houses away from each other, we get the luxery of doing both families. Owen was very mad at the end of opening presents when he realized that I didn't get him the shoes he wanted. He just kept telling me "I just can't believe you didn't get them, they are the only thing I asked for". Well I did get them I just disguised them. I couldn't believe he was being so rude though. He was very happy when he finally got to them. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I am kind of sad that it is all over, but on we will go to 2009!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow Igloo's and Sledding

We had a great time sledding on Christmas Eve and Owen and Justin made a snow igloo. The dogs loved running down the hill as we would go down. We also had Max carry all our sleds for us. Owen finally got me to go in the snow igloo and after crawling my way in there I went ahead and stood up...didn't work out so well. (It wasn't that tall).

We also went to the Christmas Eve Nativity program at the church...had to skip out early to talk to Elder Hoyt, Newman had to get his ears taped together, went to Grandma and Grandpa Hoyt's had great entertainment from McCoy and Stetson :), opened some presents with my family, played Trivia Pursuit with the Hoyt's and of course Jim and Jann kicked all our butts! More to come from Christmas Day...