Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birffday O.T.

Birthday Boy!

Two next biggest losers (mom and Tyler)

The whole group

It was Owen's Birthday yesterday so we must blog about that. My family decided to come over and spend the evening with us so we went bowling and went out to eat. We had a fun time bowling. I mostly had a grrreat time because I think I am on a role with this winning streak. I beat Owen and Tyler both games we played. I'm pretty much never going to let Owen win at anything ever again! :) After bowling we went and ate at Ninja. We had never been there and we have been wanting to try it. It was pretty expensive, but by far the best restaurant in Cedar City for me. And the night ended with singing Happy Birthday to Owen in three different languages (English, Portuguese, and German). It was a fun time indeed. Thanks mom and dad! Instead of getting Owen any presents I decided that we would go on a little trip to Vegas for a weekend. Take a break and have fun time. So we are going to go next weekend and I am super stoked about that!


Kori said...

Happy Birthday Owie!!! I left you a message on your cell phone with a birthday rendition in double talk so you could have Happy Birthday in another language. Have a great time in Vegas! You two deserve it. By the way enjoy birthday's now while they are still fun. Because once you are my age they aren't much fun.

Jana said...

Happy Late Birthday Owen! Hope you had a great Day! Yeah, Tate and Owen are birthday Twinners almost! I am wondering when you are going to plan our get together! I am free till Friday. I leave on a trip then don't come home till Tuesday. but then I am home the rest of next week too. So you let me know! I would love to get together! I let Kasen come and see Cosmo! Love you Apes!