Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Stoked About....

1. Newman is finally house trained!! Yay! He hasn't had an accident since Sunday! I thought he was never going to get it, since it only took Kosmo a week and he had it down.
2. My new job--I am working once again for the Ponderosa. I thought I was really going to miss the Preschool and I was so sad to leave but to be honest my first week back (taking calls) was great and I am glad I chose to do this.
3. Our trip to Vegas! We are going to take a fun little jaunt to Vegas for Owen's birthday and I can't wait!
4. I finally wrote down my New Year's Resolution's yesterday and I pretty much passed with flying colors on keeping them--today anyway, tomorrow will be different but today= A+.
5. Getting the Donkey Kong game I ordered from ebay. It's for our Nintendo 64 (that I decided my parent's really didn't need anymore)...can't wait to play, it was one of my all time favorite games.

And Not Stoked About...
1. Owen always has to win the game Risk. I mean seriously I want to punch his lights out because of this. Even when he tries to loose I still can't win. So irritating!
2. Teaching my next Relief Society lesson, its gonna be difficult one. Just read through it and eeeeish!
3. All the laundry I should be folding right now.Bla! I guess I better get to it so we can sleep in our bed tonight.


Anonymous said...

I loved your blog!!! Blogging for me is like a journal and it sounds like it is for you too. The snow in Utah was amazing!!! No snow where I live, so it was awesome! One question though, how are you going to work at the ponderosa if you are living in cedar!

Kori said...

Have fun in Vegas for Owen's birthday. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Can't wait to hear about it later. By the way I'm a little behind at looking at your blog and just got caught up so there are some new post's from me on a couple of your older post's.