Monday, January 26, 2009

Vi Va Las Vegas!

Owen and I went to Vegas this weekend to celebrate his birthday. We had a great time! It was kind of weird not being with one of our families because it didn't take us FOREVER to do everything. We stayed at the Excalibur, got a good price and then we were upgraded when we got there, so overall we were satisfied with our stay.

The first night we walked up the strip and hit a few casinos we have never been inside and watched the fountains at Belligio--I don't think you can ever see this too many times. We went inside Ceasers Palace and I loved the staircase they have-- the rounded escaladers.
We then went on a whim and decided to buy Jay Leno tickets and go see his comedy show. It was really hilarious and we had a good time.
The next day we took it easy and hung around the hotel, went shopping at the outlet malls, visited M&M & Coca Cola world and went and watched Paul Blart at the movies. After the movie we decided to play Risk and sadly Owen, once again dominated me. I know depressing! I am still really upset about that but I will win next time! Overall we had a great time it was nice to get away but not so nice to come home to a winter-wonderland.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for your kind words. Ah! Tomorrow HAS to be a better day!! We find out FEB. 18th !!! I also get my braces off in FEB. So better days are comming!

Kori said...

Looks like you had a great time. Family is great but when we were dinks it was also nice just to get away with just the two of us. While you have the chance I would do it as much as possible.

Christine said...

That looks like so much fun!

Bart and Julie Millard said...

I'm glad you had fun sis. We had fun tending the dogs. They love me the most and everywhere I went they had to follow. Love ya!