Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow Igloo's and Sledding

We had a great time sledding on Christmas Eve and Owen and Justin made a snow igloo. The dogs loved running down the hill as we would go down. We also had Max carry all our sleds for us. Owen finally got me to go in the snow igloo and after crawling my way in there I went ahead and stood up...didn't work out so well. (It wasn't that tall).

We also went to the Christmas Eve Nativity program at the church...had to skip out early to talk to Elder Hoyt, Newman had to get his ears taped together, went to Grandma and Grandpa Hoyt's had great entertainment from McCoy and Stetson :), opened some presents with my family, played Trivia Pursuit with the Hoyt's and of course Jim and Jann kicked all our butts! More to come from Christmas Day...


Kori said...

All that is missing is a picture of Marvin stuck in the snow with his 4 wheeler, ha ha. I loved spending Christmas with the everyone and thoroughly enjoyed you and Owie coming up to stay with us. I love Kosmo but have to say that dear little Newman has melted my heart. Do beagles come in Tea cup sizes? Feel free to come up any time and we don't mind watching the dogs either.