Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Fun Day 2008

The Quads enjoying family fun day!

This last Saturday we had Family Fun Day up at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. We did a complimentary lunch, massages, snowcones, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, bounce house--pretty much the whole sha-bang. It was a fun day. We invited a lot of people from the surrounding areas to come enjoy their time up here and let them know we are up here. Jeff and Erica at Family Fun Day!

My mom and me

Abby with her butterfly face and me
This was so funny Carter had his first taste of cotton candy and it took him the whole day to finally warm up to it. (this is me too, I hate the taste of it but I always eat it because it is so intriging). He just wasn't so sure about it. He also got his face painted like spiderman and when he first got it done I looked at him and I said "Oh my gosh Carter, you are going to die" I was meaning he was going to die at how cool he it looked. Well the rest of the day he was so nervous about it being on because he thought that he was going to die. He went up to his mom and pointed to his eyes where it was black and said "mommy I go die right here". It was really funny! Moral of the story, I love being aroung little kids and it was a great day full of fun!!