Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mission Reunion

Owen (Hall of famer missionary--words of Pres.) and Pres. Webb

This last weekend we went up to SLC and we were able to visit lots of family and friends. We headed up on Friday afternoon and we went to Owen's mission reunion. He loved every minute of it!! He had a blast reminiscing with all his mission buddies! I had fun to, just a listening away and finally putting faces with names. I did tell Owen before we got there that I didn't want any mentioning of how soon we got engaged and his six week plan he used on me, etc. Well it wasn't long before he was telling his mission President and then the mission President was having us come up in front of everyone because we have been "married the longest". My gosh I about died! Anyways it was a good time.
Erikson, Hoyt, Woodward, Mann
Don't know first names only last, I guess its a mission thing? :)Hoyt, Wolfert (O's son), Shakespeare (O's grandson), and Smith

Saturday we went to Provo and met up for lunch at Red Robin with some of the mission buddies. We also got to go have ice cream with Courtney! Loved that, always good to talk to my girly friends! We stayed one night at Carson and Kori's house and we loved spending time with our newest nephew Cayson! Such a cutie and getting so big! We also stayed with my aunt Lisa and family. Who just had a baby girl Sophie! A doll of course and Lisa you were way to good to us! We loved seeing everyone and of course wish there was more time to do this.

Sophia Rose


The Bonham Family said...

I am jealous that you saw Cayson. I have been dying to see him. Mission Reunions are alway fun. I aways had mixed feelings about them though. We've gone to about six or seven. This year we got emailed saying they aren't having anymore which is kinda sad so enjoy them while they last. Hope to see you soon. Love Colette

Lisa Loo said...

Apes- You know I would do anything for you! I still feel bad I didn't bring out the good dishes. Anyway I'm glad you were able to stay this time. It was and always is so fun to spend time with you and Owen. Hope to see you at Thanksgiving. hint hint.
Love you guys-

Kori said...

April, You are so sweet to put pictures of Cayson on your blog. Those pictures turned out really cute. I love it when you guys come up so plan on it anytime. We hope to be coming down at some point. Thanks for being so good on blogging. I still need to call you with a couple questions on things I can't figure out.

Kori said...

Apes- We would love it if you came up for Thanksgiving. I don't know how I did it but I eventually got Carson away from the Turkey Tournament. You are more than welcome to come with us but I know if you are up here that it is probably Thanksgiving with your mom's family. We would love to see you whenever you can make it up. I'm still trying to get Carson to find some time to come down within the next month or so. The bad thing is it might not be a weekend:( Luv ya, Kori

Chris & KayDee said...

Hey April. I saw your blog on Michelle's hope that's ok. Are you guys going to be in Orderville for Thanksgiving if so we will see you then! Chris and KayDee Smith