Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodbye Summer...

Mom, Nicole, and Justy

We said some of our goodbyes to summer this weekend. We went to Sand Hollow (this was a first time going anywhere besides Lake Powell, we decided it was much easier than going to Powell for us) to go boating one last time before winter hits us. We went with my family and some old family friends (Stacy and Keoni Stephens). We had a blast! We decided to rent a wave runner and not take our ghetto boat. Keoni has a super nice boat that we were able to enjoy as well. As usual I wish I could have caught more of the events on camera but you do what you can I guess. Some of our favorite memories of this trip....

1. We had to do absolutely nothing, usually Owen and I are the ones that have to get all the food, and toys ready to go, but since we were in Cedar we just came and my family had to get it all.

2. It was free day at Sand Hollow--always a plus!

3. Meeting up with The Stephens was fun. They were the first people I ever went to Lake Powell with--what memories I have with them and all the kids throughout the years!

4. Wave runner fun! Owen two hand shoving me off just to laugh, Owen throwing Justin and me off, my mom screaming at me to calm down-not act so crazy and act my age, Tyler and Bryce ramping off the boats waves--finally they hit a good one and they both went flying off, Owen ramping really well off the waves--good laughs.

5. Oh the tubing! This is our favorite thing to do on the lake! I don't know why I love it so much when it hurts so bad! We were tubing off the wave runner and the boat. On the boat we had two tubes going at a time and all the boys were tube hopping. Crazies! Funniest times here were... -Ryan getting completely ran over by Owen, Bryce and I. -My dad actually getting on the tube-ya we got him thrown off a few times :). -Bryce doing a high flying flip off the tube. -My tube flying so high, flipping upside down and causing me to belly flop hard!

6. Boating. We loved Keoni's new boat (much nicer than the 30 year old boat we are used to) it was nice to go around the lake and just enjoy the time on the boat with all the kids.

7. Playing fetch with Kosmo. All we had was a huge frisbee. It was hilarious watching him try to run with it because he kept tripping over it so he would have to run sideways. It was funny.

8. Cliff Jumping. Only Owen and one other person did this because it was getting to late in the day and we were all dry and didn't want to get wet. Guess who the one other person was... it was my dad! We were all so shocked that he did it! My dad was different then any other lake trip this time--he must have been in a good mood I guess.

9. We loved it all and love being able to do these type of things! But for two days now we have been complaining about how sore we are! It was a perfect day and a good day for the last time this summer, until next year...

(L) Moving shade after gust of wind blew it away

(R) Justin and his childhood girlfriend, Samantha.


Kori said...

Looks like a ton of fun. Again, it would have been great if we could be there. Those Hoyt boys always get a laugh like pushing you off the waverunner I think they all think they're Wil Smith in Hitch. I hope you get to come up and see me this weekend.

Lisa Loo said...

Hey guys I am so excited your coming. You know that you are always welcome to stay here even though I know you won't. I need you to show me how to add music to my blog. See you soon.