Thursday, September 18, 2008

A good laugh...

Owen and I had a really good laugh today... Last night Owen nonchalantly asked me "Hey are you going to come to my boat race tomorrow after work?" I thought hmmm...boat race huh, is it like the pine wood derby? Then he went on to tell me that it was for one of his engineering classes and they are actual boats they have been working on. They could only use duck tape and cardboard and two people race in them. I was so excited to go because I really thought there was no way that a cardboard box with duck tape on it could float...let alone with two people in it. We went to the race at the pool and seriously I thought I was going to die laughing. It was so funny watching everyone jump in the "box" and having half of them sink and the other half just start paddling away. So funny! Owen didn't ride in the boat that his group made but it sunk within 30 seconds. Two of his professors were hilarious. They both wore shirts and ties because they were determined that they were not going to get wet. Obviously they were wrong. Their boat I think came in second. Moral of the story we had a good laugh today!
Owen's Professors and Owen's sinking boat in the back.


Michelle said...

That would've been some great entertainment. I loved that the professors thought they weren't going to get wet! Did they say if that is actually possible to stay afloat a boat made out of cardboard and duct tape? Good times!