Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been tagged...

8 t.v. shows I love to watch:
The Office!
Biggest Loser
One Tree Hill
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Jon & Kate plus 8
King of Queens reruns
Seinfeld reruns

8 Favorite Restaurants:
Rodizio Grill
Cafe Rio
Mongolian BBQ
Olive Garden
Blue Belly Grill
Little Caesars

8 Things that happened yesterday:
Cleaned my house a little bit
Finished reading one book and started another
Went out to dinner at Sizzlers
Went to the Smash mouth concert
Went to Off the Cuff--improv acting thing
Found two flippin black widows in our house!
Went on a bike ride with Kosmo
Actually enjoyed having a break from the Preschool :)

8 things I am looking forward to:
Getting pest control at our house to take care of the spiders!
Going up to SLC in October
Upcoming Holidays
Twilight Movie
Finally getting on our feet financially
Having kids and our own home someday
Going to Europe with my hubby in May 2010
The Future

8 things I love about fall:
The changing leaves
Getting out my warmer clothes
All the decor you get to put up from here till the end of the year
The count down for Thanksgiving and Christmas begins
Carving pumpkins
Yummy harvesty types of food
The rain

8 things on my wish list: (in no particular order)
Own a Home that I get to design
Nice Camera
Travel the world
Always be healthy and happy along with my family
Mac laptop
Keep all my personal/church goals
Nail School??

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Michelle said...

K-So we're having a spider epidemic at our house too. I HATE them! I've killed one black widow and Paul has killed one. Then we have the less lethal ones, too. So it's funny you should mention pest control because I'm going to give them a call tomorrow too. Nasty little things!