Sunday, September 21, 2008

Smash Mouth Concert

Friday night we went to the Smashmouth Concert here in Cedar City. We had a good time. Jill and Gerry and Marv and Brandy came so its was fun to hang out with them. We only knew about 3 or 4 songs from them but the concert atmosphere is always fun. Afterwards we went to Off the Cuff which is a improv acting thing. It was funny and I think I will be taking my bro Tyler to it soon. It was a fun date night.

We came home and Marv and Owen were ready for another meal. They ate and we watched a movie. And then...after the movie Marv and Brandy were getting ready to leave when we found two flippin black widows in our house-just a creepin on the carpet! Owen has killed quite a few in our backyard lately and we had left the door open while watching the movie (for the dogs), so I think they had just come in to find somewhere warm. But we were all freakin' out! I called pest control and they are coming to spray inside and out on Monday. Ya we were pretty scared to sleep that night.


Kori said...

Looks like fun. That would have been a ton of fun to go to with all of you. I'm sad we missed out. Back in the day Carson and I went to a lot of Concerts but life sure has changed now.

Ashley and Matt said...

Great date night, except for the black widow. Yikes. I would think Smash Mouth would put on a good show. (the lead singer has always reminded me of Mark:) )

Lisa Loo said...

So fun! How would it be to be young and free? That is so funny I always think Mark looks like the guy from Rascal Flatts.