Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy almost Halloween

Well Halloween is almost my favorite holiday! (Christmas probably wins)
What I love about Halloween...
The decor
Picking and Carving Pumpkins
Pumpkin Seeds
The streets full of leaves in Cedar City
Trick or Treating (sucks being too old to go!)
Scary movies-I really don't like them its just kind of like an alcoholic and they really don't want to drink but they just have to. Make Sense?
Haunted houses
All the pumpkin treats (pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread and cookies) MMM!
So many things I love about Halloween! Owen has to work Halloween night which really stinks because talk about boring for me on my almost favorite holiday. I might be driving over to Orderville to at least be with some nieces and nephews. I bought these masks for both mine and Owen's brothers that are both serving missions. I wanted them to have a little Halloween fun and Owen and I were testing them out and scareing our dog. I got a pirate costume for him. I know I am a freak but again...we don't have kids yet.


The Bonham Family said...

I am sad that Owen has to work! Please, Please, Please drive to Orderville. It will be so fun I promise. I love the masks. You and Owen make a beautiful couple...with or without the masks:) So I hope I see you Halloween Night.

Michelle said...

I love Halloween, too! Everything that you talked about I love too. It's just a fun time of the year (besides it's starting to get really cold). By the way, you are cracking me up with the whole dressing up your dog thing, because you don't have any kids! I must say that is a very cute pirate costume, though. Hope you have a happy Halloween!

Kori said...

April you definitely need to drive over to Orderville early. Carson and I will be down there in addition to the Bonham's so it should be ton's of chaos at any rate. Besides Cosmo needs to be able to show off his costume and get pictures taken with the kids. By the way I love the costume we better let Marvin and Brandy know they need to get thier kids dressed up too.