Monday, November 3, 2008


We indeed had a Happy Halloween. We decided to go to Orderville after Owen got off work on Friday. We dressed up in our pirate attire and had a lot of fun going trick-or-treating with the Hoyt family. The pirate family...we lost Kosmo's hat which I am so mad about!
Up at Grandma and Grandpa Greats
Kinley, Jill, and Cayson
Trying to be serious...or just weird I guess
Marvin and Owen decided to get in gorilla suits and go up to the high school dance. We had a pretty good laugh at them, and they had a fun time going to people's houses and trying to scare them. I don't know if these boys will ever grow up!


Lisa Loo said...

You guys are so cute in your costumes! I love them. Mike went as a nerdy BYU fan. He had a BYU t-shirt with "Quest for Perfection" painted on the back. Then I put angel wings, nerdy glasses, buck teeth, church pants with tennis shoes and a BofM on his hip. I was a naughty Ute fan complete with red high heels, Ute jersey, devil horns and tail. Hope to see you at Thanksgiving. Love you! Lisa

Ashley and Matt said...

Good idea pirates. Didn't know girls could be so adorable as pirates, might have to steal that one for next year.

Kori said...

April when I went through my pictures I realized I didn't have one of you, Owie, or Cozie so I was really disappointed. I'm glad you got one. You guys looked great. I'm glad Owen's not a fuddy duddy like his brothers. Hopefully Carson will get better when Cayson gets older. This year he actually at least tried something on. It was so good to see you. Hopefully we'll see you sooner but if not we look forward to Christmas. By the way I love your house it is so cute and I love how you have decorated it. Thanks also for the great Sunday Dinner!!!!!