Thursday, July 24, 2008

The rock from H-E- Double Hocky Sticks!

Owen trying to leverage the rock out Frustrated???...Yes!! Tired???...Yes!!

Well Owen and I have been trying to get our backyard done. We are getting it ready to do a couple flower/vegetable gardens (for next year anyway) and to also lay sod. We have been working on it alot the last couple weeks as it has looked like a jungle out there for sometime. Owen got two trees from Marv's property and decided he wanted to try and transplant them. He started digging two holes in our backyard to place them in. The first hole went really well--no problems. Well then the second hole he begins digging and before long he hit a rock. He was thinking that it was no big deal, he would just dig out the rock and he would be able to move it in no time. Boy was he wrong! He worked on that stupid rock for well over 8 hours -- it was not just a rock it was pretty much a boulder. I kept telling him "Owen why don't we just pick another spot and dig a new hole". His reply was..."April there is no way I am letting this rock win this battle, I have spent way too much time on it". I had a few good laughs at him jumping up and down as hard as he could on the piece of wood he was prying with. It was a site to see. Eventually he knew he was going to need more than his weight so Owen, Jeff Goulding, and myself were all putting all our weight into trying to lift that stupid rock out of the whole. We finally (after many hours) got it off to the side and it will now be part of the landscape right there next to the good ole pine tree. --Just another example of how competitive our little Owie is, he was not going to give into the rock!
The three of us...this was especially a site to see. Wish Erica would have had a video camera and it would have been really funny to watch!
Using some muscle on the beast!


The Bonham Family said...

That is funny. That's my brother! I'm impressed with all the work you are doing on your yard.

Courtney said...

Haha that thing is huge. That must really suck trying to get that out! yea you guys definatly need to go to the Dark Night it was way good. I need to go see it again though cuz it is alot to take in. All the boys in that picture are some of my best friends here in Provo, they are great. And no I have not heard anything from Cassidy? Oh well haha thanks for the comment I miss you guys come visit me!