Thursday, July 3, 2008


Owen and I have had an eventful week so far in Cedar. We have kept ourselves busy with our yard!! We decided since we are going to be here the rest of the summer we better fix up our yard a bit. We still have a lot to do: figure out the sprinkling system, lay sod, and Owen's got a whole landscape for the backyard planned. Our house had so many weeds everywhere, it was pretty pathetic. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture of what we have done so far, but I just got the after. We planted some cucumbers (which I hope make it), tomatoes and strawberries in some pots. We decided to do them in pots because we were worried that it was too late in the season to do them in the ground. This way we can bring them in if it gets too cold. Anyways....we also bought a hanging flower pot and we bought and planted our first rose bush. I am really excited about that! I have always loved roses! I love getting up in the morning and watering all my little plants. Its so much fun for me. I am stressing about not having a job yet but I have definitely kept busy this week. Hopefully I get a job soon though because I am driving myself crazy thinking about it constantly. I will post a picture of our new additions to our front and backyard!


Courtney said...

Oh look at you, you cute little home maker gardner wife! I am so proud maybe I will hire you to do mine when I have a house haha! Anyway I love ya and I am so excited to come play and have a sleepover at your house this see you soon buddy!

The Bonham Family said...

I love your yard. You and Owen should go in the landscaping buisness!