Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lake Powell Once Again

Well we were in Orderville on Owen's days off this week which were Monday and Tuesday. Marv and Brandy wanted to go to the lake, so we decided to make a quick day trip on Monday. It was a perfect day at the Lake. It was a bit overcast so we didn't have to worry about sunscreen and the heat, we just had fun. Owen's family was there, along with my little brother Justin.

We had a really fun time tubing and swimming. I love tubing! I love having the rush of being on the tube as well as laughing as I watch others on the tube. I don't so much enjoy driving the boat it makes me a little nervous as I don't feel like I have enough control. But Owen and Marvin needed someone to drive them around. They had fun doing tricks and getting thrown off a bit--as you will see in the photos. I am so mean...I threw both the dogs in the lake when Owen and Marvin had fallin' off the tube. They were swimming like crazy--but didn't know whether to go towards Owen and Marv or to go to the boat! The dogs don't really love the water and want to get out as soon as possible but they do swim, which is really fun to watch. (You will see all the pictures). We found a little cove area where we did some swimming around, cliff jumping, and exploring. The predictable sand storm set in about 6:00ish and we were out of there pretty quick but overall we had a great time and I think we will make more day trips to Lake Powell in the future!

This was Brandy and Marvin. Sorry you can't really see this video very good but it was funny!


The Bonham Family said...

Oh my heck! I didn't even know you guys went to the lake. It looked fun!