Sunday, August 3, 2008

Backyard Makeover

We have been working very hard on our backyard. For the two years we have lived here and probably for quite a few years before that it has been a jungle out there. It did have a sprinkling system set up but only for part of the lawn. So, for the past few weeks we have been dealing with the sprinklers, weeding, planting pine trees, and spreading around the dirt getting it ready for sod. We had planned to get it on Friday and Owen talked his family into coming over and helping. Well the people we ordered if from told us, after an hour of us waiting that their machine wouldn't work and to come back next week. We were pretty mad but we were able to get it Saturday morning from another place. Gerry and Jill and their kids had a sleepover at our house on Friday night, which is always fun for us to have company. Many thanks to Jill and the kids for helping us out! It was a long day using muscles that I just don't use very often, but we finally got the sod laid yesterday and we are very excited! It will be so nice to actually have a backyard now. Owen is still working on his rock walls for the flower/vegetable gardens but we finally have grass! Yippee!


Kori said...

April the yard looks great. I am really looking forward to you coming up here because I plan on using you to help me with my blog. I'm so sorry we couldn't be there to help with the sod. See you soon.