Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quite the week indeed

It has been quite the week for us. We were able to make a quick trip up to SLC early last week. Owen had a training to go to for work so I decided to go up as well and visit our newest little Nephew (Kason) and Kori too. She entertained me by taking me shopping at Gardner Village--which I loved, it was such a cute quaint little place! (Thanks Kori:)
Then before we knew it we were on our way back to Cedar. I continued onto Orderville to help my aunt Pam and her family move into their new house and help with tending the quadruplets. Owen had to stay in Cedar and work. It was so hard being away from Owen for three days. It is the longest we have been apart since he left on his mission. But the three days were eventful! The kids kept me busy and tired and moving was exhausting. I hate moving so bad, but we got through it but I don't envy my aunt having to unpack now. Her house isn't quite done but she had to move anyway because her old house was being rented. (I will post a few pictures of new house). We also saw a baby horse that was only born about 2 minutes before we got there. That was neat! Alot of the Neeleman family was in town so I got to visit with them which is always good. Owen came to Orderville and we were able to go to church there and spend a few days with his family. We finally made it home last night and I was definitely glad to be sleeping in my own bed! Long story short we have been busy and are hoping to now chillax this week.
Here are a few pictures of the outside of her house. I don't have any of the inside but lets just's amazing! It is a beautiful home!


Courtney said...

Oh my heart! I love you guys but you are like the worste friends! I can't beleive you came up north again and didn't even call me! Rude! Its ok though we will just say that I am the better friend!

The Bonham Family said...

I haven't seen you guys forever! I can see you've been busy! Those pictures of Pam's house are beautiful. I hope you guys can come see us in Mesquite sometime.

Michelle said...

Wow. SOunds like an eventful weekend. Not very fun......but eventful. I, too, hate moving. They have a BEAUTIFUL house they are moving into, though! WOW!