Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just another weekend...

We had yet another great weekend. We went to Orderville and had a few eventful memories.
1. I became a fan of the twilight series...we went to my parent's house, I saw it sitting there and well that was mostly what I did for the next few days we were there. Now I am dying to get my hands on a copy of the next one.

2. Owen's work (co-workers) came over to the Ponderosa on Wednesday to have a company retreat. It turned out really great and Owen was really excited about that!

3. Of course we watched the Olympics and rooted for the US in every event!!

4. I worked for the development and got to have lunch at the pool with my dad over at "Bart's Bistro". --good bonding time--I told him all about the vampires in my book. Here is a normal day with dad and Tyler hard at work.
5. We went up to the pool with Jann, Jill and the kids (Owens' fam) and had a little mishap. Julia (2 yrs old) was being daring and wanted to go down the big slide at the ZPR pool. So Jill went to the bottom to go catch her. Well when Julia came down the slide, (with quite a bit of force and speed)she slammed her legs right into Jill's throat. It knocked the breath out of Jill and her throat was hurthing bad, and she felt light headed etc etc. Jann was really nervous because she was afraid her throat would swell and she wouldn't be able to breathe. So we cut our swimming time down and Owen and I ran her down to Mt. Carmel to meet up with Gerry so he could take her to the hospital. Everything turned out alright and she was just bruised really badly which we are really glad about but it was kind of traumatic at the time!

6. Owen had the game of his life. I guess the new baseball coach in Valley decided to have a baseball game between the highschool team and some of the alumni boys. Owen was so excited about this! He got all decked out in all his old highschool stuff. The alumni team did really well for not having any practice in them and they ended up winning the game pretty good. Owen's only wish now is that they will work out the same thing with the basketball team.

7.We were able to go to the Blue Belly Grill at ZPR with my parents, Owen's parents and Jill(his sister) and Gerry. Blue Belly is the new fine dining restaurant at the resort. Jann and Jill did some service for my mom so she wanted to take them out to dinner with their hubby's to say thank you. And well Owen and I didn't do much service but we surely came along for the ride. :) It was really great and as always wonderful company and food!
So moral of the story we had a great weekend. Owen will start school on Monday--which I don't believe he is too excited about. And I will be starting my job at the preschool on Monday as well-- which I am excited for! That's all folks!


Kori said...

Thanks for the update April. It's nice to know I can find out about the family just by reading your blog. Sometimes it makes me sad that we were not there but realistically we can't all live in Orderville.

Ashley and Matt said...

very fun and busy weekend to me! It was fun seeing you guys at ZPR.

Erica told me about your new job, congrats!

The Bonham Family said...

I just read the fourth "Breaking dawn" All 750 pages of it....So I have all the books so if you need to borrow I can bring them to Orderville next time I come. I am addicted. Luv ya and Happy belated birthday!