Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is in the air...this week anyway

I love the warmth in the air right now, all I want to do is be outside!! Every time I say this out loud to my mom she laughs and says, "you poor girl you are going to be so miserable this summer". It's like she is jinxing me to have the worst, big, fat, hot, and miserable summer possible. Eish!
Anyway we have been working on our yard a lot this week. I have been obsessed with pulling weeds all week. I love pulling weeds its like therapy for me. Owen has been obsessed with getting the grass back to the green color it should be. We bought our first lawn mower--we were of course way to cheap to buy a real one, so we went with the hand held pushing kind. And the dogs have been obsessed with continually digging holes in the wet grass-and we love it-NOT!
Last Sunday after church we decided to go for a walk up in a canyon where the dogs could run around. It was really nice, a fun little nook we found. We went back up Sunday night and built a fire and had some yummy tinfoil dinners. It was really fun to just go together and let the dogs run around. Owen is just dying to get me to go camping up there with him. I am still just a little freaked out about camping out in the mountains like that. Thinking of all the animals out there just gives me the willies.
Of course Owen trying to find a way he can climb up


Kori said...

I've got spring fever too. What is with these Hoyt boys trying to get us to camp in the wilderness with all the wild animals. I want to be in a trailer with all the amenities.

Kristi Neeleman said...

Don't worry, April. I was hugely preggers with Robee through the whole summer and faired quite well. Go swimming (yes! put on a swimsuit and be proud of your tummy!) a lot. That helps. Popcicles are wonderful too! :)
It'll be a great summer. Also, the LAST summer you'll be able to sleep in!! Ha ha!!

Chris and KayDee said...

I feel like if you pick one weed you get 500 more!! I try not to. I love the outdoors too, ya when are oyu due? You are going to hate the summer, but berfore you know it you have this beautiful baby and none of it matters! We would like to be invited our email is

Christine said...

I can't wait to start planting! I love spring/summer!